We are NET and we diagnose, design and deliver people development solutions for companies in North East Scotland.

We are local people with world class skills. We want to know more about your challenges to diagnose the root of your problem and design a solution to unlock the potential of your organisation through its people. Our unique approach will deliver a quality experience that will make an impact and produce results.

On the same day it can be sunny in Banchory, foggy in Bucksburn and baltic in Balmedie! We know to check the forecast before we pack a picnic as we cannot approach the North East weather with expectation. Working in the region is no exception. Every company faces its unique challenges and it would be wrong to presume to know what these are, so we take the time to find out.
We know that ‘nae bad’ sits alongside ‘pas mal’, 'ikke verst' and '不错'! The North East provides a unique melting pot for global workforces. Whether that be offshore in the North Sea, on dry land in our traditional manufacturing industries, or in the region’s world-leading food and beverage sector or life science research, we know a one-size-fits-all approach won’t produce results.
Approaching a seagull can be terrifying: will it want to share your chips, chase you across the street or leave you with a reminder you wish it hadn’t? “Team building” can be feared by companies in the North East in the same way. The services we deliver are always high quality and deliver results. We won’t shy away from challenging or awkward situations and we take a realistic approach to “enforced fun”.

Our team

We are a consortium of five independent consultants.  We are local people with knowledge and understanding of this unique part of the country.  We have wondered why out-of-town consultants provide people development solutions to companies in the North East, when local talent can deliver a world-class high-quality service to rival it.

We came to the realisation that many skilled leadership development professionals are independent consultants and that a safe option is out-of-town providers.

North East Triangle (NET) Development Solutions provides an alternative.

Our blend of expertise offers companies in the North East of Scotland a cost-effective alternative for high-quality people development solutions, and our combined 100+ years’ experience is drawn from all sectors: private, public and third sector.

Stephen Hibbard

founding director


Karen Slupinski

founding director


Linda O'Donnell

founding director


Brian Shanks

founding director


Nicky Carnie

founding director



An idea stays an idea if not put into words. We encourage the people we work with to tell us what’s on their mind, so we share with you what’s on ours:

Are you nervous or excited?

I’m a mother and a business owner. It’s an intricate balance of client deadlines, homework, networking events and football matches!  Before you know it, another month has passed and a new milestone has been reached. My eldest son started high school last summer.  This was an interesting time, and Facebook Timehop provides an annual reminder…

Preparing for future employment

Over the last five years I’ve supported many people through the challenges of a downturn and have learned many lessons about giving my clients an advantage when it comes to new employment. My first recommendation is to leave on as good terms as you can. Not everyone leaves because they want to, and business re-structure…

Do you learn from your mistakes?

It appears that I sometimes do not.   This tiny wee icon, hidden in the array of numbers and dials on my car’s dashboard asks an important question. Is your key in the car?  This is a useful feature if you notice it when you leave your home in Aberdeenshire, not so useful when you arrive…


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Every moment of change starts with a conversation. We are ready to hear more about the challenges your organisation faces and we’re here to celebrate your achievements. Get in touch to start the conversation.

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